Sami Yousaf Song for Pakistani Flood Victims

Situation Facts:

Estimated 17million people affected (one-eighth of country's population)

More than 1,500 dead

6 million people in need of life-saving assistance (WHO)

At least 6 million homeless; estimated one million homes damaged or destroyed

More than 200 hospitals and clinics destroyed

Affected more than Haiti quake, 2004 Asia tsunami, 2005 Pakistan quake combined

Landslides and flashfloods washed away entire villages

Worst flooding in 80 years; and area the size of Italy submerged by floods

1.7 million acres of farmland uprooted

Waterborne disease like diarrhea and cholera threaten the victims


Our Mission:

Learn More » mission is to inform the global community about the enormity of the flood disasters in Pakistan and raise funds for the flood victims by partnering with the Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund (IKFRF).

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